Thursday, April 25, 2013

Events for 4/27-28/13

Nothing Saturday this weekend, but a couple on...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Forward for Autism 5K
A benefit for the JustinHope Foudation, and run out of the Mackay Satdium up at UNR. 5K run and walk, 1K fun run, bounce house and face painting for the kids and BBQ lunch. Registration link.

Carson Capitals Grand Slam Run
5 and 10K options, starting and finishing at El Charro Avitia in Carson City. Lunch included?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse 5K

Well, it sounded like fun...

In order to make sure I got myself out running last weekend, I signed up for the Zombie Apocalypse 5K at the North Valleys High School, to benefit their Couch to 5K running program. I thought - cool, a 5K obstacle course, dodging zombies along the way, how could that not be cool?

And really, most of it was. It was pretty well organized, and despite their almost selling out all 500 slots they had, the lines weren't too bad. The course was perfect - some dirt, some pavement, a surprising amount of hills. Obstacles were pretty good too, with some climbing ones, some crawling ones, and a weird tire-pulling one. Only had to wait at an obstacle a couple of times for people in front of me.

The zombies, though, was where it fell apart for me. The runners were briefed that we were not allowed to contact the zombies, an the website says that there is to be "no intentional physical contact between the runners and the zombies." In the heat of the moment, though, this seems to have gone out of the window for the high school kids who were dressed up as the "zombies." To the point, in fact, that I was knocked to the ground 5 times within the 9 "zombie zones" in the run.  Once off of the trail and head over heels into a sagebrush, and twice hard enough that my hat and glasses came flying off. (Mostly by the girls, in fact, they were more aggressive than the guys...) On a couple of occasions, I was basically tackled.

Now, the format of the run was that each runner had 3 flags on a belt, flag football style. If the runner made it to the end of the run with even one flag intact, they were eligible for prizes, but if all their flags were gone, they weren't. I'm not sure how the "zombies" were briefed on how hard to make things, but it seems to me that if you set most of the runners up to "fail" - be caught by the zombies and therefore be ineligible for prizes - it's not going to be fun for most of them.

I did manage to finish with one flag remaining, only because the zombies that knocked me down in the final zombie zone felt bad and let me keep it. By that point, though, I had a sour enough taste in my mouth from the whole thing that I didn't feel like waiting around for the prizes and just went home.

Results are out, as well as photos and a survey at this link:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Race season is starting up...

Couple A few good races coming up this weekend:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Escape from Prison Hill
Crazy climbs in this half marathon down in Carson City. Pictures and descriptions from the 2009 race here.

Safe and Healthy Homes 5K River Run/Walk
Down in Idlewild Park, to benefit the WCDVTF. Um, the Washoe County Domestic Violence Task Force, which seem to like long acronyms and longer race names. More info here.

Sunday, April 201, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse 5K
How could this not be fun? Dodge zombies on a 5K obstacle course starting and finishing at the North Valleys High School.