Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Silver State 50/50 Half Marathon

Couldn't let the Silver State 50/50 go by without taking a crack at it. This was my fifth year of running the half, and as usual, it was perfect weather.

Did the usual milling around, then walked en masse over to the start area. Quick briefing and we were off:

Also as usual, there was a drainage area that got everyone's feet wet within the first 200 yards of the start - but our fee dried out within a mile.

Pretty soon we were climbing:

Had some nice singletrack going up Evans Creek Canyon:

And before long we were climbing again.

And that was the next 8 miles or so - hairy climbs interspersed with nice singletrack and fire road sections.

After this next hill, we were greeted with the Peavine Pond aid station:

After which there was the last big climb:

At the top of which was Ridge View aid station, and the start of a long, rolling downhill singletrack section which eventually gave way to some great views of Reno/Sparks:

Put the camera away, kept my eyes on the trail and managed not to fall the whole rest of the way down. Was greeted at the finish with a logoed pint glass, and these treats:

Stopped my GPS and clock as I crossed the finish line, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had finished in 2:46:11 - just under two minutes faster than last year's time. Got an email with results this morning (speedy turnover there, BTW) and it looks like they have my time as 2:50:11. I have a feeling that they just took the half marathon times off of the 50M start times, minus 2 hours. The half, however, didn't start right at 8:00 - more like 8:03 something, which would explain the discrepancy. Oh, well.

UPDATE - Wow, and now it looks like they've taken 10 minutes off the times - mine, at any rate, is now listed as 2:40:11.

Great day out there, at any rate.

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SnowLeopard said...

Great pics Turi! I'm SO glad you got out there and even took some time off! I am in serious need of some fresh air, and hope to take the boys on a little hike today before we come visit you guys. :)