Sunday, May 5, 2013

On a personal note -

It was kind of quiet here on the blog for a while.

Sorry 'bout that.

Had a lot of stuff that I was struggling through. Strange nagging injury that I didn't handle well, some emotional stuff, etc. The upshot was that I wasn't really motivated to run, let alone blog about it, for most of last year.

Well, I hope I'm back. As the chart below shows, last month (April 2013) was my biggest mileage month for almost 2 years.
I say "I hope" because, just as I was starting to get back into a running rhythm and schedule, I developed a pain in my hip (unrelated to previously mentioned injury) that is worrying me. 

But on the plus side: when I view my running history of the past few years in chart form as above, I see that I have a bit of a break in the action approximately every July. Maybe all this tracking of miles can pay off and I can use that info to help me figure out how to remain more steady with things -


Steve said...

Do what your body allows. Sucky "advice" that I have a devil of a time listening to myself, but it's all I can offer.
During every painful and lousy run (a significant percentage of the total :-) ), I constantly ruminate over what I will do when I can no longer run. I haven't come up with anything, yet.

Turi Becker said...

Thanks, Steve - gonna try to follow that advice.

Is biking not an option for you? Or are you not allowed out on two wheels after last year?