Monday, September 16, 2013

Journal Jog 2013

Wow - it's been a long time since I've written a race report. Other than the Tahoe Relay back in June, the last race I did was the Silver State 50/50 half in May. But the Journal Jog turned out to be a great race to come back to.

It was perfect weather on Sunday morning, and the Race178 guys put on a great show, as usual. We got started right on time, with the strollers heading out 5 minutes before the runners, then everyone lining up nice and orderly.

Here we are heading into Idlewild Park - it was really cool to see all the people wearing race shirts from other local races. Fairly bummed that I skipped the Reno 10 Miler earlier this summer.

The course only had one minor change from years past - instead of going to the end of Crissie Caughlin Park and doing a tight hairpin to double back and head up Riverbend Dr., there was a small out & back in Idlewild Park. It was earlier in the race, so there were more people around, but it was much more wide open, so it wasn't a problem.

As far as my run went - well, it went much better than I had expected. I'd only really done 3 weeks of training for it (9 runs in all) and was expecting to keep to about a 10 minute mile pace. After the first mile went by in 9:01, I just kind of shrugged and wondered at what point going out too fast would catch up to me. I don't think I even glanced at my watch when the next mile ticked by, but if I had, it would have said 8:56. Mile 3 had the hill up Riverbend Dr. to McCarran, but even that was an 8:58. During mile 4, a huge fire engine followed RIGHT behind me for a couple blocks, and that was motivation for an 8:29 mile. And I was still doing fine during the last mile, which I pushed through in 7:54 for a 43:16. Completely surprised myself with unintentional negative splits.

Here's the finish line, a few minutes after I came through:

So, the Journal Jog - always a great race, and I'm glad it's continuing on with such great organizers.

Race results posted at both the Race178 site and the Reno Gazette Journal. Also a good gallery of photos at the RGJ.

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