Monday, October 28, 2013

That Dam Run

I was going to start this post out by saying what a "crappy" race this was - it's run on horse trails, and there was quite a bit of watching where you stepped - but I just can't. Really well put together race, all around, and a joy to run.

The remaining Reno-based members of Team Library Dork headed over the hill Saturday night and stayed in Auburn, getting up nice and early to head out to Cool to find the race start. It was easy to find, and before long we had out stuff and were shivering in the mid-50 degree morning. (In Reno, you can't see your breath when it's 56 degrees...) All the runners lined up obediently, and the race got off right on time, the half at 8:00 and the 10K ten minutes later.

Chris was out in the front ranks and didn't have to deal with it, but Dave and I started a little farther back than we should have and got caught walking through some single-file sections early on. That was about the only downside to the race; after it thinned out, everything was fine. Bit dusty in those early sections, too.

I'm completely unfamiliar with the area, and was pretty happy to get to check it out. The course for the 10K was nice and rolling, with only a couple of tough hills. Technical in places, and easier in others - a good mix of fire roads and singletrack, rocks and roots and smooth dirt.

The first miles had gone by too quick for me, and I was dying a bit in the last mile. A runner that was behind me chatted me through the last section - really appreciated that. It was her first trail race ever, and she was having a great time.

The finish area was beautiful - I grabbed a water , bagel and banana, but after that realized there were also cookies, sodas - and then someone walked up with a huge pile of pizza boxes! Very well stocked finish area.

Watched Dave finish and hung around long enough for Chris to get his award - he had taken first by a few seconds in a sprint finish. Then back to the hotel for a quick shower, and some great food and beer at Auburn Alehouse. Then back home to Reno, and what do you know - by the time we got back, results had been posted online. Now that's the way to do it.

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